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Freezer Repair Service
Irondequoit, NY

Freezers are excellent for storing bulk frozen foods. You can stock up on meats and ice creams, or other frozen food. However, some of its electrical components do malfunction from time to time. When this happens, you notice that your frozen foods do not solidify. Faulty freezers increase your utility bills and can leave you with defrosting food. We offer a premium freezer repair service in Irondequoit, NY. In addition, we have affordable freezer repair service costs. Every freezer repairman that we have is on hand to diagnose your freezer when you need them.

You start incurring more repairs as your freezer ages. The thermostat, cooler coils and compressor all are subject to wear and tear. In addition, vents get blocked by dirt. Our freezer repair service is available to residential owners. Once you give us a call, we book you for a service appointment. We ensure that repairs are done within schedule. Consequently, this lets you continue with your daily life fast.

We Service these counties:

Genesee, Orleans, Monroe & Livingston

Freezer Repairman

It is complicated fixing your own freezer. Firstly, you need to understand the basics of freezer operation. Behind the freezer are a set of wires and coils. Troubleshooting without the basics is difficult. Our freezer repair service caters to chest or upright freezers. In addition, we have a licensed and vetted freezer repairman for every customer.

There are a couple of common reasons that people worry their freezer isn’t working. These include:

  • Strange noises coming from the machine.
  • Freezer burn or excess frost.
  • The freezer isn’t heating up.
  • Leaking water.

If you notice your freezer is not working, there are a couple of things that you should do first:

  • Check your power. Sometimes, a freezer isn’t working because of a faulty outlet or breaker.
  • If you have frost buildup, make sure the door is sealing properly. You can wipe the seal down with warm, soapy water to clear any debris–but make sure you dry it afterward!
  • If your freezer is making noises, then double-check and make sure every other function is working properly. If it is, then there probably isn’t a problem with your freezer–the noise is just how it’s going about is normal operations.
  • Double-check and make sure your thermostat is set properly.
  • Something most people don’t know is that there’s an optimum amount of food that should be kept in a freezer. It should be a little over 2/3s of the way full; if there’s less, and the cold air will just spill out, and if there’s more, your food won’t be cooled properly.

If these strategies do not work, you may need to contact our freezer repair service.

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Fridge Repair Cost

Purchasing a new freezer is expensive. Freezer repair costs are affordable. This makes them preferred when the freezer breaks down. Signs of a faulty freezer include warm food, frost build up, rattling sound or lack of voltage. However, before you call a freezer repairman, ensure that freezer is not cycling off. Freezers often go silent for a while then go back on. Also, ensure that you are not obstructing the air vents with frozen foods. Our freezer repair service covers all these cases.

Our technicians will observe your compressor, defrost timer, thermostat or relay. If they are worn out they will replace them. However, if you have a freezer that is several decades old the costs of repair can be higher. This may force you to purchase a more efficient freezer. Our freezer repairman is FREON Certified and serves Irondequoit, NY. In addition, our services extend to the following cities:

  • Batavia, NY
  • Rochester, NY
  • Brighton, NY
  • Hamlin, NY
  • Leroy, NY
  • Attica, NY
  • Greece, NY
  • Henrietta, NY
  • Stafford, NY
  • Honeoye Falls, NY


A Notch above the rest!

$64.95 Service Call
Fee Applied on Repair

Freezer Repair Near Me

When your freezer stops working, take notes of some details to tell your repairman. Have you seen frost around the coils? Did you double-check the thermostat and outlet? Is there lots of condensation on the condensation pan? Any information you can give can potentially help your freezer repairman.

It can be challenging finding the right freezer repair service. Firstly, you need a trustworthy and reliable provider. Your freezer plays a crucial role in storing perishables. When it breaks down, food goes bad. In this regard, you need someone near you who will get the job done fast. Our company has repaired freezers from different brands. We work with little interruption to the homeowners’ lives. Consequently, we offer same day repairs for emergencies.

The cost of repairs is often less than purchasing a new freezer. Once we repair your freezer, we ensure that it is in perfect working condition before leaving. Our freezer repairman is well trained in electrical matters. In this regards, they will also fix any other kitchen appliance that is broken. Our reputation for professionalism is something we value. We do not just fix appliances but, we also recommend suitable replacements. In addition, we work with reputable appliances brands in Irondequoit, NY.

When you contact us, we will schedule a freezer repair service appointment that aligns to your schedule. Later, we will diagnose your freezer and recommend repairs. This may require replacing broken parts. Give us a call today for a repair appointment.

For information on fridge repair, please visit our Refrigerator Repairman Near Me page.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Luane De Bell Avatar

    Top Notch Appliance Repair is prompt and courteous and cleaned out the dryer after part repair when he didn’t have to. Thank you Karl!

    Luane De Bell 2/07/2019
  • RN4VETS NY Avatar

    Absolutely excellent appliance repair! Even though he had to order parts he had freezer/fridge working within 2 days. Great reasonable repair charges! I will be recommending him to everyone I know!!!

    RN4VETS NY 2/14/2019
  • RN4VETS NY Avatar

    Absolutely excellent appliance repair! Even though he had to order parts he had freezer/fridge working within 2 days. Great reasonable repair charges! I will be recommending him to everyone I know!!!

    RN4VETS NY 2/14/2019
  • Margo Giunta Avatar

    Top Notch is exactly that! Quality, clean service and very, fair pricing. I recommend this company to everyone, and will continue to call any time I need service. Trust is huge, and I do trust Karl.

    Margo Giunta 1/19/2019
  • rosemarielynne Avatar

    I called Top Notch Appliance to repair my washer and got a quick response. Karl did a great job and was very professional and reasonable. I will definitely use Top Notch again for my appliance needs.

    rosemarielynne 1/14/2019
  • Shelley Gillman Avatar

    My washer quit on my birthday. They always quit right after filling the tub, so after removing the wet clothes I was left with a tub of soapy dirty water.
    After looking at the options available for a new washing machine...high prices, less than good quality...I became overwhelmed.
    I came across Top Notch while searching for options and sent him a message. Karl called the next morning and set up an appointment for the next day working with my schedule.
    Karl is prompt, professional, knowledgeable, reasonable and he took care of my issue for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.
    Karl and Top Notch are my go-to service the next time I need appliance repair. I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.

    Shelley Gillman 2/20/2019

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